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Creating Webhooks

Apito has build in webhook support that you can configure to trigger based on actions of your data models. For example if you want to update your website each time data in a model updates or creates. Now you can.


  • Models

If you are looking a way to integrate third party application, webhook could call your send your data based on operation to a third party URL. You can use this to auto deploy website.

Creating a Webhook

To create a webhook you have to go to Settings in Apito Console then Webhooks from the left navigation bar and click Create a Webhook

You have to fill in:

  • Name Name of the webhooks
  • Model The model that the webhook will reflect to
  • Operation Choose from which action you would like to trigger the webhook for
  • Webhook URL The Gitlab Pipeline Trigger URL
Creating Webhooks

Click on the CREATE HOOK to create your trigger hook. Now each time your model updates, in this example page updates it will send a POST trigger to the URL with the page data in the request body as json.