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Create a New Apito Cloud Function

Go to Logic from the top Navigation Bar and Click ADD A FUNCTION from the left side menu. You will see the Create an Apito Function Page like below

Add A Function

Set your Request Parameter and Response Parameter and click CREATE button.

Request & Response Parameter

Request Parameter is what Apito will pass to your cloud function when it will send request to your connected function. Response Parameter is what you are supposed to pass at the end of your function while you are writing the code

Disconnected Function

The first time you create a function in apito, it is considered as a disconnected function because apito doesn't host any function on its server. It depends on a cloud provider for its function execution power.

Click on the function you just created, and you can see something like below.

Disconnect a Function

Connected Function

When you connect your Apito Function to a Cloud Provider it's a Connected Function. To read more about Connected Function go here