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Usages of Swagger & GraphQL Explorer

Apito Generates both GraphQL & RESTful API Endpoints ( Swagger ) based on your models.


The first one is the GraphQL schema explorer called GraphiQL. Apito Console allows you to explore your generated GraphQL Server prior to usage. You can explore all the Queries and Mutations on the left side of the Explorer.

Apito Console - GraphQL Explorer


The second one is the auto generated RESTful API ( Swagger )

Apito Console - RESTful API

Trying Out the RESTApi Online

If you want to test your apito swagger api online or via curl first you have to generate an Api Secret. Click here if you want to know how. If you already have your api secrets generated then go to API > RESTApi and click on the green authorize button on the top right side.

Popup like similar below will show, and you have to put your Api Secret in the format of Bearer token and click the green Authorize button.

How to set a Bearer Token

Now click on any rest api from the list and click the Try it out button on the right side of the body of the api. You will be able to see a Blue Execute button at the end of Parameters body. Click Execute button to try out the api. If your api has content then it will show in the response box, right below.