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Adding Multilingual Support to your API

Apito engine has build in support for content localization. Content localization now-a-days is a crucial part of content api. If your target audience speaks different languages then your content should be able to accommodate this.

Configuring Localization Add-Ons

Go to Settings > AddOns and click Config on the Localization AddOns. You will see a Drawer pops up from the right. It looks similar to the picture below

Adding Localization

Choose you locals one after another and click the button at the button called Save. Be sure to reload the page after doing so.

Configuring/Creating Localized Fields

Now that you have added few locals from AddOns into your project you can configure your fields to adopt locals. It is very simple. While creating a fields simpley just check the box called Enable Localization and choose from the list of locals you have configured in the AddOns above. Whether you create or update your field you have now successfully configured locals for your particular field.

Apito Console - Field Localization

Writing Multilingual Content

Perquisite for writing Multilingual Content is

  1. Configuring Localization Add-Ons
  2. Configuring/Creating Localized Fields

After you successfully configured your AddOns and Fields now you can go to the Contents from the top of the navigation and select your configured model. Then either publish or edit an existing content, you will see similar picture like below. In the picture you can see two tabs English & Portuguese because we configured our Description fields will be Multilingual and will have support for both of those languages. You can now switch tabs to write different content


Always remember you can only update or publish content for one language at a time. For example. If you are publishing or editing a contents for both of the languages and during the update or publish you are in the English tab then only the changes made to english will be updated. if you made and changes to Portuguese content, it will be ignored.

But to save both you have to switch tabs and click publish for each of them saperately.

Apito Console - Field Localization