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REST API vs GraphQL | Why not Both!

· One min read

Recently GraphQL is becoming the buzzword in the developer community. Although building a GraphQL server was very difficult in the past, nowadays with overall community support and developer tools, I can say it's rather very easy to build one than to build an old-fashioned Rest API.

When it comes to choosing which protocol to choose for your next project, nowadays people often get confused between Rest API & GraphQL, I say, don't get confused and it depends. There are many aspects where using GraphQL is overkill and many cases where GraphQL will thrive over REST API. Let's discuss what's what throughout the post

Let's discuss what's what throughout the post

REST has some limitations.

  1. REST is rigid, requiring different endpoints for different responses.
  2. Teams with back-end and front-end devs need to coordinate any change, increasing the complexity of the development effort
  3. Endpoints have a predefined response - often returning more data than needed and consuming precious bandwidth.

Let's talk about the REST API first and why it's awesome!