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Project User Register API

There are two ways to add an authenticated users (Registered Users) on your Project

  1. Manually - Using Apito Console
  2. From Application - Via API

Adding Users from Apito Console

You can manually add authenticated users that will be able to login via API on your project from Apito Console. For this, Go to Contents Tab from the top navigation bar and click on the user from the left side bar. Now you can click + ADD A NEW USER button on the right side of the page. A drawer will pop up like below


As you can see we previously chosen Email as our authentication type therefore you can see in the Apito Console Email field is marked as mandatory. Same for phone type authentication as well. Alternatively you can reconfigure email based login to phone based login just by reconfiguring the authentication module again. Its that easy.

Adding A New User

Click on the PUBLISH button to add an authenticated users who can login via API. The password the user will be using is the same you used during the creation of that user via Apito Console

Adding Users via API ( User Registration )

Another way to create new user is via API. Both GraphQL and RESTful API on Apito has functions that support user login and registration.


These GraphQL Queries & Mutation (userLogin, userRegistration) and Endpoints (/system/auth/login and /system/auth/register) is available only after the successful configuration of Authentication AddOns from Settings


mutation ProjectUserRegistration {
userRegister(secret: "mysecretpassword1234", email: "[email protected]") {


curl -X POST ""
-H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer API_SECRET" -H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d "{\"email\":\"[email protected]\",\"secret\":\"mysecretpassword1234\"}"