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Connecting Apito Cloud Function to AWS Lambda Function

Now that our configuration and lambda function is ready, it's time to connect our lambda function to apito function.

Go to Logic from the top Navigation Bar and Click on the function that you want to connect from the left side menu.


  1. A Apito Function
  2. Enabling Apito AWS Lambda Function Extension
  3. Creating Lambda Function
  4. Deploying Lambda Function

Connect Lambda Function to Apito Function

Click on the CONNECT button, and it will open a drawer like below.

A Disconnected Function

Choose your preferred aws region in order for the lambda function to appear in the function list like below, and then select Connect.

Connect to a Cloud Provider

Upon successful connection you will see this page below. You can see the connection function name appeared in the page, and it also fetches function configuration and environment variables from the provider.

Connected Functions